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The Beginning...

Founded in 2000, the Centre plays an important role in the field of Precious Stones and Jewelry. It is a private service for independent analysis, verification and certification of the characteristics of precious stones, pearls and ornamental materials, working under the Quality, in accordance with the standards UNI (Italian Unification)

The Director of the center, Dr. Roberto Iorio, as Technical Analyst Gemmologist, with experience, equipment, and constantly updated, is able to express qualitative evaluations, as well as identifying, with maximum reliability and impartiality.

The Laboratory

Today the scientific aspect plays a fundamental role in all fields, in particular in the precious. The discovery of materials and innovative treatments, the market presence of synthetic stones increasingly sophisticated, making this sector more and more delicate and complex. Therefore, the research center has a Gemological Laboratory gemological highly specialized, with equipment d 'avant-garde, thanks to which the CRG can provide all the explanations and assurances techniques to validate the diagnosis.

Per questo, il Centro di Ricerche Gemmologiche dispone di un Laboratorio di analisi gemmologiche altamente specializzato, dotato di attrezzature d’avanguardia, grazie alle quali il C.R.G. può fornire tutte le spiegazioni e le garanzie tecniche atte a convalidare le diagnosi.

The Diamonds

Diamond, if certified, is also good-investment: in this spirit the CRG provides its expertise for choosing and buying diamonds for investment certificates, combining in this way pleasure and investment security.

When certified, it is listed internationally.

The certificate is the final certificate of analysis that are performed in the laboratory, and have different levels of detail.

The four factors that determine the value of the diamond are the four "C" , the initials of the four terms in English that is: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat (carat weight).

CRG Certification

We are one of the few laboratories in Italy accredited to the production and issuance of certificates on the diamonds

C.R.G. Certification reveal the authenticity of the stone, describing the main features in a true and accurate in accordance with UNI 9758 (Italian Organization for Standardization) and on the basis of internationally recognized rules.

The certification by a laboratory accredited, is by definition a claim with legal characteristics of an object, which takes away from the vague and dall'opinabile all that is objectively measured.

Our Members

Users of the CRG are all traders of gemological materials, such as those working in the gold/jewels sector, both individuals as buyers.
The CRG has also other stakeholders: the Superintendence to Universities, from collectors to museums to Bodies public, by insurance companies to the Fair Institutions.

The Laboratory is to serve the community and to all those who have to do with the gems, to identify and certify its features.

The Rating

Thanks to the professional role of the Technical Analyst Dr. Roberto Iorio, the CRG may issue the Evaluation Reports (RV). The RV may indicate the replacement value for insurance purposes valuables or their market value on the market in case of inheritance or judicial auctions.

In view of the economic result, the part exam will be absolutely accurate, technically flawless and detailed enough to provide all the necessary information to make choices and decisions later.


Our Services

The Research Center has a Gemological Laboratory gemological highly specialized, with advanced equipment. Thanks also to the figure of the Technical Analyst Dr. Roberto Iorio, CRG is one of the few laboratories in Italy accredited to the production of certificates and Evaluation Reports (RV).

Almost daily C.R.G. perform diamonds valuation and jewelry expert services, and offers a wide range of other services, listed in the area below.

Expertise and advice

  • At the laboratory of the expert
  • At the customer’s home
  • In a different location
  • Microscopic photographs
  • Diamonds valuation
  • Production and issuance of the certificate
  • Expertise with the customer
  • Checks and estimates of gems mounted

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Sworn report

  • Opening safes
  • Technical consultant (CTP)
  • Hereditary divisions*
  • Evaluation reports*
  • Final report
  • Jewelry appraisals for insurance practices
  • Appraisals for evaluation balance sheet

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Purchase diamonds

  • Strict confidentiality
  • Immediate payment
  • Accuracy that only a highly specialized center can ensure
  • We guarantee the best rates
  • Selling diamonds for investment
  • Certified and blistered diamonds

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(*) The fees for appraisals on precious are in proportion to the assessed value (from 0:59% to 5.95%)

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Showroom/laboratory address: Via Paoli 40, Cagliari
Telephone+39 (070) 491763
Email: crgitalia@gmail.com

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Roberto Iorio

Dr. Roberto Iorio

Expert Analyst Gemologist

Degree in Political Science, with specialization in International Politics “University of Cagliari”

Bogotá, as representative dell’AIESEC Italy (Associacion Etudiantes Internacional en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) have developed and implemented the project of cooperation and development between the Italian and Colombian associations AIESEC

Master Annual Postgraduate Postgraduate International for the figure of “Tecnico Analista Gemmologo, lapidatore di materiale gemmifero” at I.RI.GEM. (Gemological Institute Research) certified UNI EN ISO 9001 (Vi)

Specialization course on cultured pearls
Specialization course on techniques for identifying, analyzing and graduation standards CIBJO-GIA

Opening of G.R.G. (Centro Ricerche Gemmologiche), laboratory analysis and certification of Diamonds and Precious Stones based in Cagliari

Entry to Albo Nazionale Periti ed Esperti n° 339 at C.C.I.A.A. of Cagliari

Expert e C.T.U. of “Tribunale di Cagliari”, with the qualify of expert and gemologist

Expert at Custom of Cagliari, protocol 471 of 15/01/2003

Member of the Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce, protocol 19914 of 2003

Professor of Legislation Orafa for a training course organized by the Institute of Education Goldsmiths Filigree regional IRECOOP Cagliari

Member of the Board of Examiners for training ENAP

Training ITENETS(international training employment networks), at the International Center of ILO Turin Training: Identification participatory Product Sardinia intended to showcase regional abroad

Collaborations internationally as consultant Gemologist

Opening of the showroom specializing in precious stones IORIO DIAMANTERIE,, in honor of the queen of gems “The Diamond


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