The Ruby

RubVariFor thousands of years, the ruby ​​has been and still is the most rare and expensive gemstone in the world. In ancient Sanskrit language is called “the king of stones”. Ruby has adorned the crowns and swords of emperors, kings and maharajas. Ruby has always symbolized passion and spoke the language of love.

Ruby is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, one of the hardest materials in nature, and is the same mineral that forms the sapphire. Only the red corundum is but ” Ruby “.

RubGiacimentiDeposits and mines
The most popular source of rubies is Burma. The mines in the north-east of Mandalay, are the oldest in history. Rubies from the mines of Mogak have a pure red color is called “pigeon blood”.
Since the supply of rubies is very limited, the discovery of a new field is always an important event newsworthy. Rubini good quality also come from Thailand, the world’s most important center of trade and cutting of precious stones. But beautiful rubies are found in mines in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Tanzania. Recently it has been discovered in Vietnam a field that produces stones very similar to those excavated in Burma.

The qualityRubMiniere
Gemology is the set of skills necessary to identify and assess in an objective manner the nature and the value of a stone. In the case of the ruby, the experience and knowledge would seem never enough: a ruby can be sold for a few dollars, and one apparently very similar can reach very high values. Ruby is a very rare stone, and it is difficult to find on the market gems of good quality superior to two / three carats. The elements for evaluating its value are mainly transparency, cutting, size, and color naturally. Today, as always, moreover, rubies as well as more rare, are even more expensive than the best pure diamonds.